App Development

Mobile development process applications for eCommerce

A mobile app for business starts with an idea.

But what follows after her birth? Not all clients fully understand the scale of work hidden behind the desire to make an application.

For 9 years of presence in the IT market, our company has talked with thousands of people who want to create their own mobile product, studied their needs and developed the workflow that you hold in your hands. Following it, the chances of getting a cool result are maximum.

Further, all aspects of working on the application will be revealed to you in an accessible form. For example:

  • What are the stages of working on an application?
  • How much does it cost to develop applications of different complexity and what affects the cost?
  • How not to go broke on an application that no one needs?
  • Which platform to start with – iOS or Android? How not to become a victim of an unreliable contractor?
  • Why is cheap service not necessarily synonymous with poor quality?

The audience of mobile Internet users is growing and spends more and more time with the phone than with the computer. The younger generation, initially inclined to work with mobile devices, is also investing in its growth.

devices, and older, mastering new technologies. The Data Insight study says that the number of users paying for goods and services on websites through computers is 16 million people, and the number of mobile shoppers is 21 million people. Every year the first figure falls, and the second grows.

Data Insight also says that the absence of a mobile sales channel leads to a loss of profit of 15-30%. But we’ll fix it.

Let’s not lie: creating a mobile application for business is a long and expensive process. But you need to respond to market trends and the habits of your audience, and in the long run the costs will pay for themselves.

How mobile applications allow you to earn

There are many ways to make money on the mobile Internet. The product can be a meeting place for sellers and customers, a branded mobile application of an online or offline brand or a convenient service. There are many directions, here are the most popular:


The same as a market or shopping center, only on the Internet. On the terms of beneficial cooperation, you gather in one place those who sell goods, services and skills, and those who buy them. Typical representatives: Yandex.Market, Avito, Airbnb, Etsy, Aliexpress,

Within this direction, one can single out the on-demand sphere, where a product or service is provided.

at the user’s request. The brightest representative is the service for ordering a taxi Uber. An example from Live Typing is an application for finding a technician in Indonesia MyTech.

Applications for retail brands. This is an opportunity for store owners, already existing online or offline, to sell their products to mobile device users.

Is there a mobile version of the site? Fine! But he does not always know what the mobile application can do. The application is more convenient and influences brand customer loyalty. Live Typing worked on eCommerce applications for the perfume and cosmetics stores IL DE BEAUTE and Sephora, as well as the women’s clothing store LIMÉ.

All of them have been awarded prestigious domestic awards in the field of digital products.

Mobile service.

A type of application that helps users order some service online, for example, make an appointment for a haircut, buy movie tickets, train tickets or plane, choose an excursion in an exotic country.

Among the service applications developed in Live Typing – an application for buying a subscription to cinemas “Kinogolik” and an application for buying excursions anywhere in the world RocketGo.

Applications with a loyalty program. Apps whose creators strive to maintain relationships with your audience for as long as possible. To do this, they give points, bonuses and discounts, make special offers, return money for purchases. Also popular are the Perekrestka, Pyaterochka and Azbuka Vkusa applications, and such aggregators of loyalty programs, like UDS Game, Wallet, Frendi and Edadil. There are loyalty programs in such developments from Live Typing, like ILE DE BEAUTE, Sephora and the application of the Siberian network of beer stores “Svezhev”, eGrocery/Foodtech. A growing and very broad segment of the market at the intersection of technology and everything related to food, including ordering and delivering groceries, booking tables in a restaurant and creating recipes for whole dishes and based on available products. Notable examples are Delivery Club and ZakaZaka.

Applications from these niches may differ from each other in terms of feature set and architecture, but the sequence of work on them always the same.

How to know if your business is mobile app ready

There are three signs of readiness:

1. Your product or service is used frequently.

2. You have an online store with popular products.

3. The application will make life easier for your customers.

Website statistics will help you make a decision to create an application: if every third of your clients visits it, then the application already has an audience.

And as a test shot, you can ask customers directly if they need the application and whether they will use it.

iOS or Android: where to start

There are several reasons to start with creating an application for iPhone owners:

1. iOS apps monetize better.

2. Need to support fewer device types.

3. Devices most often have the current version of the operating system.

4. It’s harder for hackers to steal users’ personal data.

5. Apps have higher quality due to picky moderation.

But the final choice of platform still depends on the purpose of the application and its audience.

Do you want to earn and bet on paying users? Choose iOS.

Are you creating a product aimed at the masses or regions whose residents are not used to or cannot pay for digital products? Are you making a service application for couriers and sales representatives and can’t afford an expensive fleet of devices? Choose Android.

Do you want to take over the world? Choose from both platforms.