• Life after the release of the mobile application
      Life after the release of the mobile application The release of the mobile application is only the beginning of the journey. It must remain functional. Despite the fact that testers have caught most of the errors in the application, they can and will occur, and this is normal. In addition, user habits and technologies change every year, […]
    • What are the rates for development studios in Western Europe
      The Tagline agency lists on its website the following average hourly rates for studio IT-specialists: Developer. 30$/hour; Designer/illustrator. $25/hour; Project Manager. $25/hour; Analyst. 30$/hour; Tester. 20$₽/hour. Rates like these will make up your project’s estimate when assessed by the studio. Cheaper in the regions in the capitals – maybe several times more expensive, it depends on the […]
    • Whom to choose: internal team, development studio or freelancers
      The choice of the contractor is influenced by the size of your business, financial capabilities and time. Freelancers. These are non-staff workers that you hire for a limited time to work on the entire project or just specific tasks. A freelancer can work with several clients at the same time or combine his main job with freelance […]
    • How much time and money will it take to create a mobile application
      Development time depends on how complex the project is. All projects can be divided into three types: Simple applications.  Created for two platforms. They have few screens, data, and actions that users can take. It is planned to create an API, backend and admin panel, the ability to view and send images, login and authorization through popular […]
    • Stages of mobile application development
      Stylization and design concept. The application should have its own corporate identity based on the color palette, fonts, illustrations and icon. It gives the application a unique mood that affects the user’s attitude towards it and, consequently, your business. The task of the designer is to “dress up” a visually inexpressive prototype in the corporate style. He […]
    • What are the stages of working on a mobile application
      Mobile app development costs can be roughly divided into five categories: 1. Management (20% of the total time). 2. Design (11%). 3. Development (55%). 4. Testing (11%). 5. Analytics (3%). The most expensive graphs at the development stage will be: A large amount of data, screens and actions in the application; Backend and API; Administrative panel; Integration […]
    • Mobile development process applications for eCommerce
      A mobile app for business starts with an idea. But what follows after her birth? Not all clients fully understand the scale of work hidden behind the desire to make an application. For 9 years of presence in the IT market, our company has talked with thousands of people who want to create their own mobile product, […]