Design & User Testing

Mobile app design

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Work with our Product Design team to create an elegant design that incorporates the latest trends and capabilities. Outputs:
  • User Experience (UX) design
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • Clickable prototype of core screens
  • Qualitative & quantitative user testing
  • Development & Testing

    Our flexible Agile-based development methodology ensures frequent builds and gives you the mobile app that exactly meet all your needs with the possibility test and adjust.  

    Our experienced specialists will provide comprehensive research where will be chosen the right platforms and technologies for your mobile app. We are providing:

    • Native app  development (iOS / Android)
    • Cross-platform development (Using Flutter, React Native)

    As the result, you’ll get fully tested ready to use code with instructions that matches all you need s and requirements 

    Go to market strategy

    marketing for mobile ap Build strong positioning and deliver the unique selling proposition that exactly meets customer needs.
    In the result you’ll get:
  • Connections to the right marketing partner(s) with the skillset and testing strategy needed for the product
  • On-going support and management of the post-launch product
  • Help with the App Store Optimization (ASO) and optimizing marketing campaign
  • Design and development of new features based on recently gathered data, web analytics tools and quantitative & qualitative user testin